Mid-Day Gold & Silver Report, 6/18/2012


With all the talk going into the weekend about the vote in Greece and its effects on Gold, today it seems the answer is still unclear. The initial reaction caused the Gold price to drop, however as reports point to a lack of planning for the eurozone’s future and the talk of quantitative easing here in the United States, Gold rebounded. “The fact that risk appetite has not rebounded more decisively after the Greek elections may suggest that the markets will push for a broader solution for the euro zone, one that would remove the contagion risk from Spain and Italy in particular. Gold seems to be waiting for the Fed meeting on Wednesday. It is more sensitive to central bank action than to variations in risk appetite.” BNP Paribas analyst Anne-Laure Tremblay said.

Worldwide there has been a close eye kept on the economic turmoil in Europe and for good reason. When the future of one of the larger global markets is in question, all global markets are at risk. Every American exporter from chemicals to computers is expecting a drop in the next few months. “The decline in Europe will weaken our exports over the long term,” said Michelle Meyer, a senior U.S. economist at Bank of America Corp. in New York. ”We look for the trade deficit to widen not only to the eurozone but developing economies as well.”

The focus of the precious metals market and many others are set on the Federal Open Market Committee and the comments of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. After three years of trying to jump start America’s economy, the same issues continue to arise. Employment, inflation, and consumer confidence are at the forefront of issues that hinder the United States economic recovery. There will be many questions asked on Wednesday and all involved are eager to hear the responses.

At 12:27 p.m. (EDT), the APMEX precious metals spot prices were:

  • Gold – $1626.20 – Down – $2.40
  • Silver – $28.76- Down – $0.08
  • Platinum – $1486.10 – Down – $3.10
  • Palladium – $634.10 – Up – $2.70

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Weekly Gold & Silver Market Recap for April 20, 2012

Golden Haven:

Precious Metals prices are relatively flat today, as the equity markets in the U.S.A. climbed 100 points during morning trading hours. Better than expected business sentiment out of Germany boosted the euro and pushed Gold prices slightly higher. In general, Gold prices are caught between the unlikelihood of QE3 versus its safe haven appeal in the face of a ramped up European debt crisis. The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are meeting this weekend to discuss the euro crisis. News from that meeting should affect Gold prices at market open, 6 p.m. (EDT) Sunday.  While Gold serves as a safe-haven investment for sectors ranging from individual investors to central banks, it may also be helping in an area that is a key to economic recovery: jobs. The Colorado School of Mines has a 94 percent employability rate for its 2011 graduates. Starting salaries are in the mid-$60,000 range, which is significantly higher than the average starting pay for other college graduates. In the 1990s, Gold averaged $350 per ounce; now, the price is more than $1,600, and with that comes an overflow of opportunity for the next generation’s precious metals work force.  Analyst’s reference to Gold as a safe-haven investment is not always referring simply to economic turmoil. Geopolitical tensions can also cause a boost in Gold’s appeal, such as the current situation with North Korea. After that country’s rocket failure last week, the U.S. is looking at “all options” to stop North Korea from conducting a third nuclear test. The U.S. already has halted food aid for the country after an agreement was broken by the aforementioned rocket launch. Continue reading

Weekly Gold & Silver Market Recap for April 06, 2012

by John Foster. Email John.

Modern-day meeting of the Federal Open Market ...

Modern-day meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee at the Eccles Building, Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The major news of the week was the release of minutes from the Federal Open Market Committee meeting.  There was little discussion of any plans for future quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve.  Stocks and commodities — including precious metals — experienced a significant selloff, with prices for Gold and Silver dropping to levels not seen since mid-January, making both metals particularly attractive from a physical demand perspective. However, some analysts are saying that the Fed’s current policy can still support Gold prices, even without more easing. In a recent report, James Steel of banking giant HSBC said, “Policy is already ultra-accommodative by conventional monetary standards, and therefore Gold-friendly. This may be overlooked or underestimated in the current sell-off, we believe.”


The euro is feeling the effect of Spain’s debt crisis, which is not being fully contained at the same time borrowing costs are on the rise. “We haven’t seen any major improvements in the European debt situation,” said Marito Ueda, senior managing director in Tokyo at FX Prime Corp. (8711), a currency-margin company. “After Greece, investors may be beginning to shift their focus onto countries like Spain, Portugal and Italy. I expect the euro will gradually sink as the region’s economy deteriorates.” In Spain, last week’s budget announcements coupled with the release of less-than-stellar debt-to-GDP ratio have a number of investors concerned, as the levels are well in excess of previous estimates. This is the highest debt level in 22 years. Last year, the debt-to-GDP ratio was 68.5 percent, while this year it has climbed to 79.8 percent. Although this ratio is less than the European Union average, it is still quite high and climbing. Continue reading

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