Ultimate Canadian Getaway Winner reports back!

Have you ever held nearly $500,000 in your hand? One lucky APMEX customer has!

RCM winner








Last year’s Ultimate Canadian Getaway Sweepstakes winner, John, recently shared with us details of his “once-in-a-lifetime” trip to the Royal Canadian Mint. He and his wife received a four-day trip to Montreal and Ottawa, home of the mint, courtesy of APMEX.

The couple found Ottawa to be a charming city of historic sites, personal and similar to Washington D.C. They stayed at the four-star Starwood Westin Hotel, which they said “was perfect,” as was the visit to the Royal Canadian Mint. The two enjoyed a VIP tour led by senior personnel. True to Canadian form, John reported that all of the staff, including top executives, were friendly and welcoming.

Their tour included viewing the production of bullion and numismatics, receiving a personal commemorative coin and holding a 400 oz Gold bar, which was worth around $460,000 at the time. Talk about investments you hold!

Speaking on the magnitude of the mint, John declared, “Totally amazing, a mind-blowing experience seeing that much Gold and Silver all over the place. It’ll rock your world.”

In addition to the mint, John and Melanie recommended visiting the National Gallery of Canada, one of the country’s premier art galleries.

And good news! APMEX may be able to rock your world with your own “absolutely incredible” experience. The 2016 Ultimate Canadian Getaway Sweepstakes launches March 7. More details to come, so stay tuned for the official announcement.

Bread & Betrayal: The Last Supper, Second 2016 Coin in Biblical Series, Released

The Last Supper introduced as the second installment for 2016 in Scottsdale Mint’s Coin Series.709x300-biblical-series-Last-Supper-PR-image

The Scottsdale Mint’s Biblical Coin Series pays tribute to the remarkable stories that have captured hearts and souls for centuries. As the second coin of a six-part series coming out in 2016, The Last Supper coin foreshadows one of the most agonizing stories of all — breaking bread with those who break your trust.

Cast in 2 oz of .999 fine Silver, the scene depicts Jesus’ final meal with his 12 disciples, as inspired by Gustave Doré’s illustration. Though among his friends and believers, Jesus reveals one of them has betrayed him and another will deny him. Jesus accepts his disciples’ actions as a means to his inevitable sacrifice, offering his body and blood both at the meal and for eternity.

Held just before Christ’s arrest, trial, crucifixion and death, the event is one of the most pivotal and recognized moments in the Bible.

The Last Supper coin is crucial to the series,” APMEX Vice President of Merchandising Andrew Martineau said. “Without the betrayal, there would be no stories of resurrection and redemption. This coin brings guilt, forgiveness and the promise of a better future to the surface. Who can’t identify with those themes?”

CaptureWith a limited mintage of 1,499 coins, the Passover-related coin is not one for collectors to pass over. Each coin comes with a certificate of authenticity telling the story of the coin, its minting specifications and listing a unique serial number that matches the laser-etched number on the coin. The certificate also features Doré’s artwork the design was based off. The Scottsdale Mint issues the coin by the authority of the island of Niue, where it is legal tender.

This exquisite new coin is available for pre-sale at APMEX and will be available to ship March 7.

The Philharmonic Goes Platinum

This month, people all over the world are registering for the chance to attend the Vienna Philharmonic’s 2017 New Year’s concert. The event is so popular that tickets are drawn by lottery 10 months in advance.

The Austrian Mint, however, has invited us all to the next Philharmonic event now — the debut of the 1 oz Platinum Vienna Philharmonic bullion coin.

This new Platinum coin features the same award-winning design as its Gold and Silver counterparts. Created by Austrian Mint head designer, Thomas Pesendorfer, the .9995 fine Platinum coin features the great pipe organ of Vienna’s Musikverein concert hall on one side, and a medley of musical instruments on the other.

Platinum Phil






The Gold Philharmonic coin was released in 1989. According to the World Gold Council, it was the best selling Gold coin in 1992, 1995 and 1996. A Silver version was introduced in 2008.

The new coin represents a Platinum opportunity to bring one of the world’s greatest orchestras, and coins, home from APMEX. While concertgoers may have to suffer wait lists for the chance to enjoy Viennese horns, oboes and lilting waltzes, numismatists can appreciate their very own piece of Vienna’s musical legacy in hand, at home and right now. That sounds amazing.

Rollin’ down the line: 2016 Series of Hobo Nickel Replicas

“They were hobos, and with every word they uttered… it spelled adventure.” – Jack London

So it is, the wandering workers of the 18th and 19th century, romanticized for a life of open road, or open rails. Many songs and book characters have been inspired by the lifestyle over the years, and a special coin series is now paying tribute to the ramblin’ men of early America: five Silver Hobo Nickel replicas designed by artist Paolo Curcio.

Altering coins has been a longstanding form of art and cultural critique, but hobo nickels really took off when the U.S. Mint introduced the Buffalo Nickel in 1913. The coin’s size and the Indian’s larger portrait made it a perfect canvas for traveling workers to pass time whittling away new images. The handcrafted, sculpted designs often reflected the political and economic times, with thousands of unique variations. Now a rarity, hobo nickels have gone from the poor man’s bindle to numismatic auctions and dealers as one-of-a-kind collector’s pieces.

Unaltered 1913 Buffalo Nickel                  Various Altered Buffalo Nickels
Buffalo NickelHobo Nickels

The Silver Hobo Nickel replica series honors this distinct bit of Americana tradition. Each round is crafted from .999 fine Silver, edge-marked with a unique production number and encapsulated for long-term preservation. The designs feature both classic hobo and modern imagery, a reflection of the hundred years of change since hobo nickels gained momentum.

Hobo Nickel replicaThe series includes:
1. The Fisherman
2. The Train
3. Skulls & Scrolls
4. Green Fairy & Fish Bones
5. Jefferson Skull Scroll


The Fisherman was released January 26 and a new round will be released every two months. With only 10,000 rounds minted for each fascinating design, they will be rollin’ down the line and into collections quickly.

The artist behind these exquisite designs, a man known as Mr. The, created his original carving over two days at the Original Hobo Nickel Society’s booth during the Florida United Numismatists convention in Orlando. The original carvings included an inlaid 24k Gold cigarette and a copper fishing rod.

Mr. The is based in Spain and is known throughout the carving world for his intricate designs, including 40 to 70 Hobo Nickel carvings each year. On his Silver Hobo Nickel website, you can watch videos of his engraving process of The Fisherman. This unique design is now available at APMEX!

A New Way to Shop Currency

U.S. currency is a popular option among collectors, as these pieces not only offer beautiful designs but many times carry unique stories with them. There are hundreds of United States currency items available across APMEX, but these items may be intimidating to new collectors who don’t know quite what they’re getting into.

In an effort to help our customers feel comfortable while shopping, we have created a new currency experience, placing some of our most popular currency items in one easy shopping location. This central location contains current currency deals, elite currency and popular bulk currency. The items in each of these categories will be updated as our product selection and prices change, so check all three often to find the best currency deals or a unique gem for your currency collection!

Take a look below to learn about some of the most interesting items you will find when browsing these new shopping options.

The Rainbow Note

$1 Rainbow NoteThe 1869 $1 Legal Tender Note is commonly called the “Rainbow Note” due to its attractive colorful tints. This magnificent piece features a portrait of George Washington and was his first appearance on any $1 legal tender note in United States history. This series of 1869 Legal Tender Notes $1 Rainbow Note - backis the only note which bears the label “Treasury Note” instead of “United States Note,” found on all later issues. The back of this note is extremely interesting, with an array of contiguous geometric “flowers” surrounding the intertwined letters “U.S.” and a block of text describing the penalties for counterfeiting.

A Classic Gold Certificate

Before 1933, the United States Gold Certificate gave$10 Gold Certificate its owner the right to redeem Gold coinage at a rate of $20.67 per ounce, established by the Coinage Act of 1834. After the Gold recall of 1933, the United States government attempted to remove these Gold certificates from circulation by making them illegal to own, as Executive Order 6102 made them no longer $10 Gold Certificate - backredeemable for Gold coins. That fact, and public fear the notes would be devalued and made obsolete, resulted in the majority of circulating notes being retired, resulting in a much higher value in today’s marketplace.

The Iconic Silver Certificate

$1 Silver CertificateSilver certificates were issued in the United States between 1878 and 1964 as part of its circulation of paper currency. They were produced in response to citizens who were angered by the Coinage Act of 1873, which effectively placed the United States on a Gold standard. These Silver certificates $1 Silver Certificate - backwere initially redeemable for their face value of Silver Dollar coins and later, from June 1967 to June 1968, in raw Silver bullion. They are no longer redeemable for Silver bullion, but they are very popular among currency and bullion collectors alike due to their involvement in the history of Precious Metals.

APMEX offers concierge service to all of our customers, no matter their investment or collectible interest. Browse our new popular currency category to discover these exquisite items and so many more! Be sure to check back often for our ever-growing supply of fascinating U.S. currency.

Adding Copper to Your Precious Metals Collection

Copper at APMEX?

While Copper is not a true Precious Metal, many people still wish to include it in their collections due to its beauty and historical significance in coinage. APMEX is eager to meet all the needs of our valued customers, so we carry an array of Copper products sure to interest any collector. If you have only looked to acquire Gold and Silver, you may wonder what value Copper can add to your collection. Let’s explore what Copper can offer you.

Rich Beauty

500 gram Geiger Copper

Copper is famously beautiful, its lustrous color shining up in warm tones of orange, pink and red. Used in currency, jewelry, weaponry, decorative arts and now home décor, Copper has been recognized and valued for its loveliness for thousands of years. A serious Precious Metals collector may simply wish to include a sample of this gorgeous metal in their horde. In the same way a geologist would want to have examples of as many minerals as possible, you may want to have examples of all the most important metals. A large sample of Copper, such as this 500 gram Copper Bar by Geiger, shows off the color and luster of the metal and is satisfying to own.

Iconic Artwork

Copper Buffalo Rounds

Part of APMEX’s pleasure in offering Copper for sale is the Copper rounds featuring truly iconic coin artwork. While a Gold Buffalo coin in fine condition might be out of your price range, you can enjoy a stunning rendition of James Earle Fraser’s 1913 Buffalo Nickel design in Copper at a fraction of the price. These Copper rounds are truly a design within reach, bringing beloved coin art to everyone.

Value Pricing

Copper prices are currently very low. This is great news for collectors as the value is sure to increase, but there are other perks as well. Perhaps you would like a larger item in your collection but haven’t yet been able to purchase something truly sizable. Copper could be your entrée into big bars.

Copper Mercury Dime

Perhaps you want to interest your child in Precious Metals collecting but hesitate to hand over extremely valuable coins to a small child. Copper rounds might be the perfect item to use in teaching responsible collecting practices. For example, this 1/4 oz Copper Round Mercury Dime features a version of the striking Mercury Dime artwork in glowing Copper and would delight any young person learning about collecting.

There are many reasons to include Copper in your Precious Metals collection. Its beauty, its ability to introduce iconic artwork to your collection and its extremely good value are just a few ways Copper can benefit your collection today.

Silverbug: “I found a 1924 Dime Digging Out a Tree Stump” – Wild Silver

When Reddit Silverbug enthusiast Vinylzombie was digging out a tree stump, he made an interesting find. A 1924-S Mercury Dime. The house was moved to its current location in 1924, so this dime has been sitting in the ground for 90 years, perhaps dropped by one of the builders at the time.

Silverbug I found a 1924 Dime Digging Out a Tree Stump - Wild Silver

“Some folks have said to get it sent to NCGS. I plan on framing it and keeping it for sentimental value.”

Another Silverbug gave advice on the find, saying, “Oh man, that looks nice! Don’t even rub it with your thumb, unless it’s very gently, under warm running water. A drop of dish soap while doing that is OK. If there’s anything that doesn’t just fall off after doing that, soak it in DISTILLED water (not tap water, not purified water) for a few days. Every teeny scratch lowers the grade! I’d buy an Air-Tite for that, and pass it down to my children, with the story of how you found it.”

While this particular find isn’t earth shattering, it’s still a fun find of Silver in the wild. Here at APMEX, we would love to hear about your own personal stories. Feel free to send your story using the form below and it may make it onto our blog! Or simply leave a reply on this post.