Silverbug: “I found a 1924 Dime Digging Out a Tree Stump” – Wild Silver

When Reddit Silverbug enthusiast Vinylzombie was digging out a tree stump, he made an interesting find. A 1924-S Mercury Dime. The house was moved to its current location in 1924, so this dime has been sitting in the ground for 90 years, perhaps dropped by one of the builders at the time.

Silverbug I found a 1924 Dime Digging Out a Tree Stump - Wild Silver

“Some folks have said to get it sent to NCGS. I plan on framing it and keeping it for sentimental value.”

Another Silverbug gave advice on the find, saying, “Oh man, that looks nice! Don’t even rub it with your thumb, unless it’s very gently, under warm running water. A drop of dish soap while doing that is OK. If there’s anything that doesn’t just fall off after doing that, soak it in DISTILLED water (not tap water, not purified water) for a few days. Every teeny scratch lowers the grade! I’d buy an Air-Tite for that, and pass it down to my children, with the story of how you found it.”

While this particular find isn’t earth shattering, it’s still a fun find of Silver in the wild. Here at APMEX, we would love to hear about your own personal stories. Feel free to send your story using the form below and it may make it onto our blog! Or simply leave a reply on this post.