APMEX Reviews

June 2013

Your newly designed website and its features are absolutely amazing! Your website makes searching and browsing simple and easy with a click of the mouse. You are able to magnify the smallest of items and look at them close up as if you were right in the showroom! Now I can track all my purchases with an exact breakdown for each precious metal and their market values in one convenient place. This is an absolutely amazing tool to say the least! You did a phenomenal job to your website..Keep up the great work APMEX! Looking forward to doing business with you for many years to come!

Honest seller and fast shipments.  Will buy from again.  Highly recommend.

I have made several purchases from APMEX and I always receive fast service along with product that is second to no other.  I highly recommend APMEX to anyone that appreciates only the best in service and product.  I also appreciate that my product is sent with insurance, and my signature is required at time of delivery.

Great site – easy to use. Great customer service and I’ve always received my orders fast!

May 2013

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with your service.  I haven’t had any problems with any orders.  Also, my orders have been delivered in a very short time.  Thank you.
Thought the company would like to hear some positive feedback

Order from them often and I have never been disappointed, great service and product.
I purchased some silver Eagles from you guys, and they arrived quickly, and were beautiful as well. The service was top-notch. I plan to buy more precious metals from APMEX in the future!

Received my order today.Everything was outstanding!

Just placed my order for the 1st 2013 America The Beautiful coin. I especially like this one as my sister and I went on vacation there and stayed at the White Mountain Inn.
APMEX is hands down the best precious metal dealer I have ever purchased from. Your international division especially is just full of amazing agents, so helpful and friendly.
I just received my order of Kookaburra coin and am very pleased. I like birds and am glad you offered them for sale. The bird is very lovely. Thank you. Sincerely A happy customer.


Great web site for purchasing precious metals

Got a order in from y’all lastnight thanks for the great service hands down the best there is out there

April 2013

I have a account and I’ve made several purchases. I am fairly new to the coin collecting hobby. There are many people and other websites out there that are always looking to rip people off, not APMEX. APMEX is the only place I trust and the absolute only place I make purchases from. Thanks you for the great customer service and honesty, I appreciate it. Last week I thought I was speaking to the US Mint, however being new to this I didn’t realize I was actually speaking to a salesman from a competitor of yours. The salesman tried to sell me a set of Chinese Pandas (first Strikes) for over $10,000. Luckily I caught on and cancelled it quickly, and then purchased myself one Gold Panda from APMEX. Thanks again for the great service.

Your service has been incredible.  I recently tried another company because their prices were a little better but found that their service was lacking.  Although money was immediately wired to them, they waited weeks to ship as compared to your company which on my last order shipped the next day.  Also the materials were well packed and of a quality that has consistently exceeded my expectations.  Expect another order from me soon.  Possibly this weekend.

While my orders might be smaller than some you have always gave me great service and the products are always great. I am anxious to receive my next order of the Morgan 1oz bars. You are my one and only source I will use. Thanks to all the APMEX team.

I have been an APMEX costumer for almost a year.  At the age of 21 I plan on purchasing metals my entire life as long as it is available.  A shipment got lost and my silver wasn’t delivered by USPS.  Your rep Lisa Capistrano handled the situation with great professionalism, and went above and beyond to help with my situation.  She personally kept me updated and was responsive at all times to my requests.  I am now a life long costumer thanks to her work.

Received my order. Thank you for the fast shipping and good product.We will be buying alot more. Again thank you .Keep up the good work.

Wow, I just wanted to say thank you for the prompt delivery. Fantastic. Thank you. I wish i had more money. I would buy much more. Carry on.

Great place I’ve been buying from here for a couple of years now!!!!

Yes, I was impressed with your efficiency,regarding my last purchase. Looking forward to our next transaction soon.

Great company, looking forward to more smooth transactions. Thx!

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