Is Your Portfolio Ready for 2012?

Accelerating U.S. Debt Load Could Mean A Riskier Economy

Many economists and investors have been focused on the debt crisis in Europe. But did you know that debt in the United States is now more than 90% of GDP, a sign of increasing economic risk? In fact, the gap between debt and GDP has narrowed considerably over the past two years (see Chart 1 below). This is placing increasing strain on the U.S. economy. Is your portfolio prepared to weather this uncertainty? Now is the time to review your portfolio and make sure you’re adequately diversified among stocks, bonds, cash and Gold — the fourth asset class.

In today’s video, APMEX Chief Executive Officer Michael Haynes talks about how growing debt levels in the U.S. are creating greater uncertainty in our financial markets. He also explains how a diversified asset allocation may help minimize risk in your portfolio.

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