New! APMEX Gold Bars in Tamper-Evident Packaging


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If you are looking to increase your allocation to Gold this year, consider APMEX Gold Bars — superbly manufactured in .9999-fine Gold. Choose from four sizes, 1 oz., 10 gram, 5 gram and 1 gram, to meet your investment goals and budget. The added value of these bars is the tamper-evident packaging (TEP), which protects the bar and adds another level of security to guarantee the bar’s authenticity. APMEX has a reputation for quality, and provides safe and secure shipping. Order your APMEX Gold Bars — in stock and ready to ship today — while supplies last!

See The Difference in Quality from APMEX. Not all Gold bars are alike. APMEX Gold Bars are pure Gold at four-nines, .9999-fine, and we stand behind every product with a satisfaction guarantee. Our Gold Bars are sealed in tamper-evident packages that provide another level of security and serve as assay cards to guarantee the weight, purity and authenticity of the Gold. In addition, with APMEX Gold Bars you get:

  • A high-quality strike
  • Purity and size stamped on the bar
  • A manufacturer with an excellent reputation
  • A well-known product

The back (reverse) of each bar features the APMEX name and web address, while the front (obverse) depicts the APMEX eagle logo, along with the purity and weight. Start the   year off by balancing your investment portfolio with an allocation to Gold.   APMEX Gold Bars are in stock and ready to ship in four different sizes, 1   oz., 10 gram, 5 gram and 1 gram. Order   today, while supplies last.

Order APMEX Gold online today at!

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